Fun Facts about Farming in Texas

Texas State is famously known for its farming all over the world. The state is home to more cattle and more cotton than all the other American states. There are many facts that many people do not know about farming in Texas. We look at farming in Texas in this excerpt.

Almost all of Texas is covered in farms. To be precise, 77% of the land is involved in agricultural practices. These range from livestock keeping to crop planting. There are 247,500 farms in the state each with an average size of 527 acres. It is no wonder that the state leads in the production of sheep, cattle, goats, cotton and products associated with these. It has 4 million more acres in farm land than Nebraska, Oklahoma and Kansas combined. Quite a large area covered in farming land, the production is much higher in this side of the country.

horses88% of the farms in Texas are family owned and operated. This means that these farms are not just for making business but are also home to the families in the area. Why is this good? With a family farm as the source of the products you consume you can be sure that the food you get is safe because the farmers cannot sacrifice their safety for the sake of making money. It is these family farms that put food in grocery stores all over the country and treat this as a job like any other. Here, farms are passed from generation to generation.

There are more horses in Texas than in the “horses states” of Oklahoma, Kentucky and California. There are a total of over 400,000 horses in over 64,000 of the farms in Texas. These however are not the only animals that are abundant in the state. Texas is home to over 21% of mules, donkeys and burro in the US.

Texan girls rock! The size of farm land operated by women in the area is over 12 million acres. There are women in charge of over 38,000 farms all over Texas.

Texas farms and ranches are major tourist attractions. The revenue generated from these accounts for 19 percent of the amount obtained from agri-tourism. This is over 133 million US dollars. This combined with the crops grown, livestock kept and many other agricultural practices bring $81 billion in a year. So, yes farming is a billion-dollar industry. In case you did not know Texan farmers are able to provide food and shelter for their families, send their children to school and even live luxurious lives.

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