How Do You Notice Your Trees Getting Sick?

Changes in ColorOne of the most common things that you will see when a tree is getting sick is a change in color. The leaves will change color, the bark of a tree might change color and the limbs will change color as well. If these color changes are atypical, not the type of changes that occur at that time of year, you probably are dealing with a serious problem. A problem that you likely will not be able to diagnose on your own but a problem that will need the attention of a well-trained professional. Call in a professional to get the right help.

Changes in the Root System

Depending on the trees root structure, you might be able to see some above ground but typically you cannot. But changes in the roof structure is a very telltale sign of something going wrong. It can show that water uptake is not being handled efficiently or maybe not at all, a common sign of disease. It could show you that you are dealing with a dead tree. In any case, it is a sign that you probably need to call a professional to handle this for you, someone who can tell you what the actual problem is and what you should do.

Leaves Beginning to Fall at the Wrong Time

We all know when fall begins and that leaves begin to fall to the ground at this particular time. When this happens outside of the normal season it might be a sign that something is seriously wrong with a tree. This is very easy to spot and will likely stand out more than any other problem that can go wrong with a tree. Simply because we understand when these cycles are supposed to begin and when they occur outside of their normal cycle it stands out. When it stands out there is a huge problem, one that needs to be immediately remedied.

Limbs and Leaves Beginning to Droop

Changes in the appearance of the limbs and leaves outside of normal season where these changes began to take place is a telltale sign of things going wrong. When the leaves and limbs began to droop, it is a huge sign that something is seriously wrong. Is a huge sign that you probably need to call in a professional to give you an expert opinion of what is going on and what your course of action probably should be. But pay attention to the signs because they’re very important.

Calling in a Professional

All of the things mentioned above are typical things that go wrong when a tree is beginning to get sick, but the best way to understand if your trees are in need of help is to call in a professional. An arborist will be able to give you an expert’s opinion on if your trees are sick and what you should do like trimming trees in Fort Worth. Perhaps they might be the first calls that you make before something seriously wrong happens like a tree falls down and damages your property or someone else.

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